Felted Items

These one of a kind pieces have a pattern woven into the fabric on drawloom or needle felted later onto the felt by Roswitha Mackenzie. Roswitha is a life long artist and has a unique skill in creating beautiful whimsy flowers, trees and other small creatures by needle felting small pieces of wool.  The combination is both fun, and functional.  Roswitha has shared her love of crafting with her daughter Anita.  The joint venture of Anita making the felt and Roswitha needle felting on it and then Anita creating the bags, is a wonderful way for the two to continue this tradition of crafting together.

The felt is then sewn into small bags and lined with cotton print.  The sizes vary.  They are suitable for sunglasses, phones, tablets or computers.  They can also be used for cables and travel.  Each can be washed by placing in cold water in sink and drying flat.