Tea Towels

Lovely, super absorbent, plush and brightly coloured tea towels woven with a 100% cotton, 60/40 blend of cotton and linen or cotton and linen.  Most are woven with a 2/8 cotton weight fibre, but some are woven with a lighter weight fibre and are suitable for drying glassware.  

Each tea towel is unique in its colour selection and design.   Many of the tea towels woven by ACWeaver use fair trade fibres- such as cotton or linen that are hand dyed.  All yarns are purchased from Canadian retailers.

Handwoven tea towels make wonderful gifts for a special person in your life! Also great as a special thank you gift for a host or teacher.  Sure to be cherished by all.  The best part of these tea towels is they get more absorbent the more they are used.